24 Dec '12

Using Speech in ASP (Text To Speech)

Developing a course training application in which need to convert displayed text to audio.

These are some of the basic operations. You can also change voice, volume, rate and other parameters. You can also save the spoken audio stream directly into a “wave” file.

To convert text to speech the SpeechSynthesizer class is used. So let us learn step-by-step how to convert text to speech.

Properties of SpeechSynthesizer class

  • Rate: Used to specify speech rate.
  • State: Used to check the current state of the SpeechSynthesizer class, whether it is paused, resume or a speaking state.
  • Voice: Gets the current voice information.
  • Volume: Sets the volume.


 Using Speech in ASP (Text To Speech)

programming language:  ASP


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