28 May '16

E-Voting System

e-voting system

E-Voting System is the new system to vote through online. In this system voters can vote to the candidates through online without any difficulty. Only the registered users can vote in this system. The system administrator registers the list of the voters and they provide login details. The voters can login to the system by entering login id and secret password.

You must modify following database connection string:

Programming language:

  • Front End : ASP.NET
  • Back End : SQL Server

The program works in Visual studio 2008 and it supports Microsoft SQL server 2008.

Following conditions used to develop this project:

  • For the voter to have his voting right its necessary for the voter to register and obtain the voter ID number.
  • Registration process done by the administrators. New voters record can be added in the system and unwanted voters record can be deleted from the system.
  • Only registered voters can vote in the vote bank. The system generated secret key must use during election process.
  • Users must enter login details to vote. If the login details invalid then the system will not display the voting panel. The secret key which is to be entered during voting process. If the correct details are produced by the voter then the voting can be done by clicking candidates symbol.
  • Once the election time is up, no one can vote. Only results can be viewed. The system displays alert message if voter vote after expiry date and time.
  • The voters can vote only once. The system displays warning alert message if the voters try to vote more than once.
  • The system uploads and stores candidate image in the Candidate Image folder
  • The App_Data has database files.

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